Unlimited Virtual Races Until June 21st!

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The "Un-canceled" Series

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Questions about the Un-canceled Project? We have answers!

Every week through June 21st! Each week, you can choose your distance and earn your bib.

Wherever you are. Your neighborhood, your favorite trail, even your treadmill!

Simply REGISTER and we will send you instructions to log into the RTE tracker.  Once you are in the tracker, you can select the day and distance for each race.

You can either sync with Garmin, Fitbit, Apple or Strava, or enter your miles manually on the honor system.  There are no times, no winners, no losers, just complete the distance and earn the un-canceled bibs!

Getting outside for fresh air and exercise is recommended by public health officials in most areas at this time, but precautions are necessary. It's important to follow careful guidelines:

DON’T go out if you’re sick! Stay home and help protect others.

* DON'T organize workouts in large groups. In most areas, solo exercise is mandated.

* DO announce your presence to others to help maintain the recommended six feet of social distance.

* DO stay informed on your local rules and regulations in response to COVID-19. 

If you are being advised to stay indoors, use home equipment, stairs, chairs, be creative! Getting your race in is about YOU accomplishing the goal you set for yourself. It all counts!

Thank you to Boulder County Parks and Recreation and Boulder County Public Health for sharing content used in this section.

ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Everything about this project is 100% FREE but you can support Run The Edge with a contribution if you choose.

Why yes there is! Check it out HERE.


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